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Hands-Free Easy Squeezy Mop™

Hands-Free Easy Squeezy Mop™

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✅Reusable & Machine Washable

✅Works on Virtually Any Surface!

✅Make Any Surface Sparkle in Seconds!

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Never touch the dirty mop head again! 

Our Original Hands-Free Easy Squeezy Mop™ was designed to cut household work time in half! 

With a 360° swivel head, innovative two-grooved bucket and highly absorbent microfibre pad that take the grunt work out of cleaning and cut chore times in half, the Easy Squeezy Mop makes tackling mopping a breeze!


  • 360° Flexible Mop Head effortlessly cleans any hard to reach spots!
  • 2-Grooved Bucket design to easily wet and dry the mop head 
  • Hands-free wash and dry mop head to avoid bacteria
  • Reusable & Machine Washable nano-fibers absorb up 10x their weight in liquid
  • Premium foam handle for a comfortable grip
  • 180° Foldable Pole
  • Any Surface Cleaner perfect for floorboards, tiles, hardwood floors, marble floors, laminate, vinyl, stone, concrete & more

Make any surface sparkle in seconds!

Easily blast through dirt, dust, grime and spills on any floor surface in your home for sparkling clean and fresh results every time. With the Easy Squeezy Mop you’ll effortlessly lift dirt from your floors and get into the tightest corners and all those hard-to-reach places. thanks to the 360° swivel head. 

Super-absorbent nano-fibers absorb up 10 times its weight in liquid

After mopping simply pop the microfibre pad into the washing machine for a quick wash and it’ll be clean and ready to use again in no time.

The Hands-Free Easy Squeezy Mop™ works on virtually any surface! 

  • 1x Mop
  • 1x Bucket
  • 1x Nano-Fiber Pad


Mop Size: 33x11x132cm (12.99x4.33x51.18in)
Bucket Size: 20x17x36cm (8.66x7.48x14.56in)
Material: High-quality plastic, aluminum mop pole, microfiber mop head


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nadia P.

It's amazing product and affordable. We can't image our lives without this mop!. It's soooo easy to clean hard to reach areas.. and hands are always dry and clean. And its size is just amazing. In the assembled form will fit in any cabinet. Friends who were admiring this miracle, also ordered for themselves. Buy it, you won'tt regret it.😍

Juana K.

Excellent! I recommend the product.

Amely E.

Recently received this mop and has already tried. The size of the mop is slightly smaller than I imagined, but generally the impressions are positive: the cleaning time, compared to the usual cloth, has significantly decreased (despite the need to wipe after cleaning the remains of water with a dry cloth), dust and fine debris the microfiber pad collects perfectly, spin comfortable. There are, however, a few remarks: firstly, to squeeze the rag with a nozzle on the bucket of leisure is not possible; secondly, since the water is poured into only one half of the bucket, it is not very stable and you need to hold it so as not to overturn when pressing; well, the last, although it may not be quite a drawback, the water in the bucket is not much, A liter of 2,5-3, well, compact and store udbrno. I took a set with 6 additional. Overlays, it is very inexpensive, much cheaper than in other stores. Delivery is very fast ~ 4 days, courier to the apartment, the packaging is reliable, everything came whole. In general I recommend the product.

Caleigh H.

Cool bucket!

Gilda M.

Very happy. I already washed the floor.

Alice K.

I'm happy with this mop. It's very easy to mop the floor with this miracle. I recommend 5 stars

Rebeka S.

The mop is really easy to use. easy to reach areas like under a sofa and bed. The bucket is compact, doesn't take much space. Thank you. Recommended!!!

Burley C.

Very good mop, durable

Alexis R.

The mop is comfortable, there is no pressing and splashing. Looks like high quality and reliable.

Lucia W.

Happy with the purchase. Fast delivery by courier. Thank you.