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Laundry Storage Hamper

Laundry Storage Hamper

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Half the time you spend washing clothes is sorting through them. 

We all can accept in uniformity that doing laundry is a boring task. It’s just so tedious. Sort the clothes, wash the clothes, fold the clothes. Ugh. No thanks, that’s a hard pass.

It’s really the sorting that drags things down. When it comes to the actual washing, the machine handles everything for you. And folding is easy. We can do that watching TV. But sorting? It takes forever.

And no way are we filling our room with multiple laundry baskets that take up all our space. We just want a way to organize our stuff properly. Isn't it?

Here is a solution we all will love! 

This laundry sorter is durable, foldable, and instantly sorts the laundry into one, multi-compartment hamper.

Check it out. It’s a laundry game changer. 

  • Foldable. Need some more space? Just pull out the cloth baskets and fold the frame up. It folds to like a fifth its normal size for easy storage.
  • Double or triple. Sort your clothes into light, dark, and color. Don’t need all three? That’s cool. Get the double sorter and just do lights and darks.
  • Durable. What good is a hamper that can’t stand up to your laundry? This is strong and durable, so it won’t break or tear over time.
  • Removable baskets. The cloth baskets pull out. Fill them up then take them straight to the laundry room. No need to take the whole hamper.
  • Well Sorted: Attached pockets in the back for innerwear makes it even more functional.
  • Attractive design. Just because it’s a hamper doesn’t mean it has to be big and ugly. This is a slim, attractive design that actually looks good.

Wash and sort your clothes faster and easier. Half the time you spend washing clothes is sorting through them. 

It’s so much easier just to sort your clothes as you toss them in the hamper. Throw them in the right compartment and that’s it, you’re done. No further sorting required.

Order this laundry storage organizer today and make sorting your clothes easy for a change.


  • Size: 39x68x60 cm / 15.3" x 26.7" x 23.6"
  • Material: Oxford cloth, Aluminium frame



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sammy N.
Good purchase

Very good storage bag. Good quality at great price. Loved it!

Ali N.
Makes life easy

Makes life easy. Easy to assemble. It makes sorting the laundry much easier on my laundry days. I used to throw and separate the clothes on the floor to sort the laundry. Now, they are presorted. It does have pockets behind it too.

Elena B.
Saves time

Saves me a lot of time. Looks good in my laundry room too. I am happy with the purchase.

Lisa O.
Thumb up!

I like it. Very useful storage basket.

Zoe R.
I am happy

Just started using this laundry system. It was easy to set up and so far has helped my kids start sorting their own clothes and they got it right away. Really happy with this purchase.

Elin C.

Good product. Recommended