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MediSocks Medical Compression Socks 3 Pairs

MediSocks Medical Compression Socks 3 Pairs

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Feel the immediate comfort

Our MediSocks Medical Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) are a natural, effective solution tohelp reduce swelling, varicose veins, chance of blood clots, improve circulation and most importantly relieve leg & feet pain.

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Very easy to put on Compression Socks are ridiculously soft and breathable to control foot odor.

  • 20-30 mmHg

  • Unisex fit & 4 colors

  • Toe and heel padding leave your feet comfortable

  • 360° seamless compression for everyday wear

  • Moisture control & Antimicrobial

Our compression socks are perfect for anyone

Whether you’re a nurse, marathon runner, teacher, athlete, expectant mother, world traveler, or recovering from an injury, these compression socks will help to prevent pain, fatigue, swelling and cramping in lower extremities while improving circulation and overall comfort.


✔Reduce Swelling
✔Enhance Circulation 
✔Control Foot Odor and Bacteria
✔ Travel support
✔ Improve athletic performance
✔ Speed post-workout recovery
✔ Speed surgical recovery
...and more!

Feel the difference from Day 1

Your legs will feel great and comfort as soon as you put on our compression socks on day 1.
Plus, our stylish and easy-to-wear design allows you to wear your compression socks anywhere you go without feeling self-conscious, you can even sleep with them!  You’ll be able to feel and look better anytime, anywhere.


S/M 5-8 3-6 35-38 24-30cm / 9-12 in
L/XL 7-9 6-8 39-42 31-37cm / 12-14 in
XXL 9-15 8-14 43-47 38-44cm / 15-17 in

*Material: 70% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Charles B.

Ordered 3 pairs , had foot surgery and the swelling from working felt like if you poked my leg it would explode. Wore these socks 2 days , feet and calfs feel the best they have in months . Will have to order more.

Jeff T.
Best in the game

These are probably the best compression socks in the game. Recently I have been suffering from swelling in my lower leg area due in part to a medical condition. With that said I can across some research explaining how compression socks can aid with this issue. Read a few reviews and finally came across these bad boys, which I'm glad I purchased. Two days after wearing them my swelling was practically gone. Once I finish this review I'm going to order another pair. I ended up ordering an xxl. I'm a 14 in shoes and my calves muscles are decently large and these fit perfectly. Other compression socks tend to stop mid calve and have a tendency to fall down during both casual walking and strenuous exercises. So look no more these are the socks for you if you're looking for a casual look during workouts or just comfort in eliminating swollen legs.

John R.
Great product

These arrived and I put them on immediately. I have been suffering from shin splints for a week and read that compression socks could help. I did find it helpful to search YOUTUBE for video on how to wear the socks - especially about how to put them on. I wore them for a whole day and my legs felt great. Working out in the garden, squatting down was less painful. Next day when I took them off I could easily see how effective they were are lessening fluid retention in my ankles and feet. I bought another pair today (I wished I had known how wonderful they would be so I could take advantage of the discount for multiple pairs).

Alba S.
Thank you

I've tried other compression socks and quit after experiencing the difficulty of putting them on and taking them off. These have excellent elasticity that also combines with the compression factor, that makes the process a bit more practical. I've been wearing them since I got them.! I do use a device to help put them on, and very easy to use with these socks. Outstanding product and will probably be ordering more. Also like that they can be machine washable.

Tony P.
Life saver

I've worked 12 hour days on concrete for the last decade..Always moving, almost never sitting down. The last year my legs have gotten to aching. No complaints, I mean, I'm 53 after all. A friend suggested these and it has changed everything. My legs would be achy and swollen after a day's work and now, with these socks, not a trace of swelling and my legs are not achy. They aren't as difficult to put on as medical-grade TED hose, but they have quite a lot of support. Certainly worth the price and definitely would buy again. Great product.

Ron P.
Seem to be good

This is my first go round wearing compression socks, so I don't have any comparisons to make. Socks seem to be of decent quality. They definitely help with the circulation. I have, what seems like restless leg syndrome. I've been wearing these for about 3 days. I also, based on a friend's suggestion, been using my inversion table right before bed. Not sure, but seems to be helping. The combination of the socks and elevating my feet might do the trick. We'll see. All in all, these socks are well made. I bought 3 pair and might buy a few more.

Lucas M.

I've had a hard time finding compression socks that don't completely cut off my circulation, but finally found a pair. I am taking a high blood pressure medicine that causes fluid to build up in my ankles. I flew from Arizona to New Orleans and walked for hours and my feet and ankles didn't swell. The socks were actually comfortable as well. My legs are tree trunks haha So normally compression socks squeeze way too tight. These were comfortable but still did their job. The one tip I would give is if you are going to be doing a lot of walking or exercise in these I would suggest wearing little ankle cotton socks underneath as when my feet started to sweat it wasn't as absorbent and got a little slippery. Overall very happy with the product.

Eli B.
Excellent !

I purchased these because I'm going to be on my feet all day. When I wear them, I can definitely tell that they do work as far as reducing foot and leg stress. They recommend that you hand wash them but you can machine wash them. My suggestion is if you do machine wash them make sure you put them inside something so that they don't snag on anything else because you pay enough for them you don't want to risk damage. I would recommend these to anybody.

Jenna J.
Good quality

These socks are overall great! Got them to use towards the end of my pregnancy when my feet started swelling. One improvement that I think could be made would be to have extra tightening panels around the arch of the foot to help with compression, as right now the bulk of compression comes from the tight panels from above the ankle up to the calf. Maybe for other people that doesn’t matter so much, but I tried another pair of compression socks that actually had that panel and prefer them over these because of that. Good quality sock though, still happy with my purchase and they definitely help!

Paul S.
Good work

I like this socks a lot, I just wear them all morning for about 8 hours and they doesn't bother me at all, well I'm size 10 of shoes and 15 In calves if it helps you out the L/XL size fits great for me.
Material looks and feels great in the skin.