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Portable Baby Nest Lounger

Portable Baby Nest Lounger

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The most comfortable nest for babies to rest and nap

This adorable nest best relieves every new parent's frustration of finding a comfortable and snuggly place for your precious bundle to rest or nap. This gorgeous lounger stimulates the natural senses of your baby - the natural feeling of being hugged, protected, and comfortable like the miracle of a mother's womb

This soothing sensation is very calming, even for the most unsettled little ones.

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Smartly Designed To Hug Your Baby

The center area is like a little cocoon and slightly suspended. When you lay your baby down, the sides of the lounger gently pull in, giving them the warm feeling of a snuggle.

Created With Comfort In Mind

With your new Protable Baby Nest Bed, your little one will enjoy hands-free comfort no matter where they are. If you just need five minutes to put the washing out or are in the middle of prepping dinner, the best way to stay close and keep them entertained is to pop your baby in a nest bed.

Portable and Convenient For Parent Who Love To Socialize

Take your Portable Nest Bed whenever you go whether it’s out of a friend's house for the evening, or over to visit your grandma. You can feel relaxed and confident in knowing that your little cargo will be comfortable and perfectly lulled to sleep while you are there.

Pure, Gentle, Cotton For Baby’s Sensitive Skin

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your Portable Nest Bed is made from the purest cotton. Natural fibers keep your baby’s skin free from irritation, even in warmer weather when they are in direct contact with the fabric.

Make The Cutest Photo Prop

Capture your baby’s most precious memories in your new Nest Bed. They grow up so fast - remember them in all their cuteness, and even lend it to family and friends when you’re done.

Cleaning Is A Breeze

We all know that your adorable angels can sometimes make not-so-adorable little messes. Your priority is to always have a clean place for the baby to rest. Simply slip the cover off and put it straight into the washing machine.



Please note we do not recommend co-sleeping with our lounge. Please make sure to practice safe sleeping guidelines. 

This is a baby product and with all things, baby, use with caution and trust your instincts. Common sense and intuition are something we encourage strongly. If it doesn’t feel safe it probably isn’t. 

  • Never leave your baby unattended or under a child's supervision.
  • Healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back, to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Bub’s head should always be placed towards the top of the baby nest, away from the ropes. 
  • Do not put pillows in the baby nest.
  • Place the baby nest on a flat hard surface and don’t place it on anything it could fall from.
  • Don’t place close to fire.
  • Don’t use the baby nest as a toy.  

Portable Travel Bed : 75cm x 45cm (29.5x16.53") Suitable for 0-3 year newborn infant. It is light and you can use it anywhere.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Parker T.

We LOVE this pillow! I bought it when my daughter was 3 or 4 months old. She is now 17 months and still uses it every night! She is short but her legs hang over the edge if she straightens them. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all. This pillow has been a life safer for trips because it doesn’t matter where she sleeps as long as she has her pillow. It’s also easy to clean, just pop it in the washer! I definitely recommend!!

Olivia S.
Thank you

I LOVE this!!! I wanted to get this for my baby when she was first born but wasn’t able to until she was about 2 months old. She loves it, and falls asleep almost immediately in it. She used to wake herself up by throwing her hands up and I’ve noticed she doesn’t do it as much at all, and hasn’t woken herself up from moving. She seems very comfortable! I will recommend this to everyone I know!

Barbara O.
Such a miracle

My son is going on 4 weeks old and has not been the best sleeper. Not only does he need to be held in order to sleep, but he is also slightly “colic-y”, and it tends to peak at night time. In an effort to find something comfortable for him, I have been purchasing products like crazy (swings, rockers, bouncers, etc). Then I ran across this GEM on BabyEbby.. It seemed to be a little pricey to me, but not as expensive as the dockatot, and the reviews from other moms seemed a lot like my situation. So I gave it a try and OH MY GOODNESS my child actually loved it! And he hasn’t “loved” anything I’ve bought him! We both were able to get some much needed sleep last night so I cannot say enough great things about this product! The lounger is so soft and hugs him in all the right places so he feels secure and like he is back in my arms. I used it in my bed and he slept right there beside me all night. It was peace of mind for me and comfort for him. Thank you BabyEbby, THANK YOU!

Jess P.
The best baby product

The BEST baby product that there is. We couldn’t live with out this!! The cushioning on the side makes him feel like he is being held, without it being high enough to worry about suffocation. There is no chance of him rolling over in it either. We now have three. Yes, THREE! That’s how
Much we love it. We have one on each floor for easy naps as he loves it so much. I don’t know how I survived my first child without it! Also, their customer service is top notch. I reached out to the company with a few questions before purchasing and they responded extremely quickly and was very helpful!! It is also extremely easy to clean. Just throw the whole thing in the wash and tumble dry on cool/low!

Steph C.
I love it

I LOVE everything about this product. In my humble opinion it is an absolute must have for new parents. Allows you to have baby close & know they are safe therefore allowing you to get some much needed rest.

Ash B.
Cozy, sweet, must have product

My little guy is using this to sleep in his crib. We’ve had it since he was 2 mons. I was hesitant to get it since I thought I’d only have use for it a max of 4 more months, but I’m looking forward to using it longer as a lounger. He is so cozy in this thing. I definitely recommend it.

Lineyh B.
Great purchase

This is the absolute best baby thing we bought! We got two (for our twins) and they're amazing. We moved them all over the house when they were little so we could lay them down safely, and they still sleep in them now, at almost 4 months old.

Mel G.
Great product

This has been a great purchase. When I first brought my baby home I tried placing her in her bassinet per recommendations by her pediatrician with no blankets, pillows, loose fabric, etc. She was not a fan of being in a wide open bassinet after being in the womb for 9 months. I was hesitant at first to get something like this because of SIDS guidelines, but decided to try it while supervising her for nap times and I’m so glad I did. She doesn’t roll or wiggle her way into the sides and it keeps her on her back, nice and snug. I use it at night for her now and check on her every so often and she does great. Good for those sleepless nights to help you at least get an hour or two of peace in between feedings and to help baby feel snug.

Gabriel E.
Kindly recommended

Our little guy seems to like it. The pillow and the cover are really soft and nice quality. The cover is similar to a pillowcase in that it can easily be removed and laundered. I like that he can continue to grow into it. I have recommended it to friends.

Izy H.
It works!

Worked great for us! He wasn't taking to his bassinet. I think this co-sleeper gave him the extra security he needed to sleep well. Not to mention, I was able to sleep better as well. Don't think of this as an "expensive pillow", it really is a bed. We traveled everywhere with this- no pack n' play needed.